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Absolwentka anglistyki Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego w Krakowie. Dodatkowo studia w zakresie: Tłumaczenia Konferencyjne w Katedrze UNESCO w Krakowie (j.angielski i francuski). Certyfikat języka francuskiego DALF C1. Tłumaczę: z języka polskiego i francuskiego na angielski a także z języka angielskiego i francuskiego na polski Zapewniam również profesjonalną korektę w języku angielskim i polskim. Specjalizuję się w tekstach naukowych głównie z obszaru prawa, filozofii, sztuki, medycyny i in.. Mam również duże doświadczenie w tłumaczeniu tekstów technicznych. Mój dorobek obejmuje liczne publikacje tłumaczeń artykułów i książek naukowych. W czym mogę Ci pomóc? Zapraszam do kontaktu! Katarzyna Popowicz

Domaines de compétence

  • Médecine & Pharmacie
  • Sciences physiques & naturelles
  • Sciences humaines & sociales



law, medicine, philosophy, history, sociology, in general: humanities and natural sciences

2008–2009 Postgraduate Studies in Conference Interpreting, UNESCO Department, Kraków

2001–2007 Master of Arts in English Philology, the Jagiellonian University, Kraków

2000–2006 Philosophy, the Jagiellonian University, Kraków

Expérience professionnelle

The List of Selected Translations from Polish into English:


Italians in Early Modern Poland Verlag Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Main, 2015. 540 pp


The Status of Legal Ethics Verlag Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Main, 2013. 279 pp.
“Are we Facing a Crisis of Law? Reflections in Reference to the so-called Claim to Correctness Problem.” (article)
“The Crossroads of Traditions. On Legal Ethics in Poland.” (abstract)
“Moral Hazard in the Legal Profession. A Regulatory Approach.” (research program)
“The Problem of Scope of Moral Responsibility in Professionals and Its Applications in Legal Ethics.” (article)
“The Concept of Community in Law and Social Sciences: Ideological and Critical Functions” (abstract)
“The Internal and External Point of View in the Methodology of Jurisprudence.” (article)
“Liberal Constitutionalism and Constitutional Justice.” (article)
“Legal Paternalism and the Identity of Polish Legal Culture.” (article)

“The Logic of Palamism” (article)
“Theocracy and Apocalypse. Political Theology of Artur Mrówczyński-Van Allen” (article)
“Apology of Culture and Culture of Apology. Russian Religious Thought against Secular Reason” (article)

“The Problem of the English Horn Origin and Dating in the Light of Preserved Instruments and the Early Repertoire from Historical Silesia and other Polish Territories.”
Andrzej Biegun – the summary of professional accomplishments, (Ph.D. thesis)

“Vertical Transmission of HPV in Pregnancy. A Prospective Clinical Study of HPV Positive Pregnant Women.” (article)
“Frequency of Occurrence, Death Rate and Risk Factors among a Group of ≥ 80-year-olds Hospitalized in the Department of Internal Diseases – a Pilot Study.” (abstract)
“Hallucinatory Syndrome in a 80-year-old Woman with Intertrochanteric Femoral Fracture.” (abstract)
“How Do Entirely Normal ECG-Tracings Reflect other Parameters of Health and Mental State in Healthy Polish Centenarians?” (article)
“The Prevalence of Falls and their Relation to Vision and Hearing Impairment among Polish Elderly – the Results of the Population-based PolSenior Study.” (article)
“PolSenior Project Analysis.” (abstract)
“The Assessment of Ovarian Reserve in Women with Endometriosis in the Pelvis.” (abstract)
“The Assessment of Pain Degree in Women with Endometriosis in the Pelvis.” (abstract)
“The Assessment of Ovarian Reserve in Women with Small Pelvis Endometriosis of Various Stages.” (article)
“The Assessment of the Dependence between Antigen CA 125 and Nicotinism in Patients with Benign Ovarian Tumors Including Endometrial Cysts.” (abstract)
“Morning Surge of Blood Pressure — Clinical Relevance, Review of Definitions.” (summary)