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My name is Sandra Lorant, I am a certified professional translator (EN<>FR) with over 6 years of experience, I specialize in the legal and financial fields. My languages are French (native), English and Italian. After having spent 20 years in the United States, I am completely fluent in English and know the culture perfectly well and how to adapt a translation to a specific audience. I obtained my Certificate in Paralegal Studies in 2012 and I perfected my specialization in translation by taking courses at New York University by completing Advanced Legal Translation and Technical translation. Over 1,000,000 words translated…Highest quality and professionalism guaranteed.

Domaines de compétence

  • Droit & Brevets
  • Protection de fichiers
  • Secteur bancaire
  • Bilans financiers
  • Contrats de main d’œuvre
  • Commerce international
  • Assemblées & décisions
  • Appels d’offre
  • Entreprise & Gestion
  • Renaissance & Moyen-âge



I've been working as a volunteer for 2 years for associations affiliated with the United Nations, mainly on translation projects for Africa. I've been translating mainly in the legal field, but also banking, gastronomy, CVs, transcripts, diplomas, environmental projects for governments in Africa as well as criminal procedures for Senegal, Haiti and Burundi. I also volunteer for Translators without Borders.

Diploma in Paralegal Studies

Expérience professionnelle

I've been a freelance translator for the past 2 years. My native language is French, but I lived in the US where I obtained a paralegal diploma in legal studies. I worked for major law firms in the United States, especially in corporate departments.
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